Training the Educators

Another fruitful day of training teachers to make learning visible for class exhition using ‪#‎AutoCollage‬ and ‪#‎windows‬ moviemaker ‪#‎mieexpert15‬ ‪#‎msftedu‬ Some interesting statements: ‘It seems so God sent at this time! Might be able to squeeze in some time for myself now’. ‘ Wish AutoCollage had come to my life earlier and I would be less exhausted just before exhibition!!!’

1st Peek into my Column!

It’s LIVE! Happy to share my first post on the column! Hope you find it interesting, Happy Reading! Do leave a comment to say how you liked it or not maybe… ‪#‎MIEExpert15‬ 

Meenakshi Uberoi: The Wonderful World of Windows in the Classroom! via

The Convenience of Office Online

Office Online

Office Online

The convenience of accessing your work from anywhere anytime is an answer to the problem of carrying the bulk of data on limited capacity devices. Click on the link below to experience the world of Office Online:

Office Online- Totally Outstanding!


Fortnight as MIEExpert15

Fortnight as MIE Expert15

What an incredible fortnight it has been! Microsoft has always opened new avenues to explore using technology in education. Being an #MIEExpert15, has introduced me to some great MS apps that can change the way we work by making it more efficient and effective. its a whole new world to venture into and I’m very excited to get my hands on these new(to me) apps.